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Philip Norman

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John Lennon

John Lennon Jos haluat sankariksi seuraa vain minua John Lennon The Beatles yhtyeen tarina p piirteiss n on kenties jo kuin idinmaidossa imetty kansanperinnett mutta Philip Normanin monipuolinen muusikkoel m ke

  • Title: John Lennon
  • Author: Philip Norman
  • ISBN: 9789510341421
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jos haluat sankariksi seuraa vain minua John Lennon The Beatles yhtyeen tarina p piirteiss n on kenties jo kuin idinmaidossa imetty kansanperinnett , mutta Philip Normanin monipuolinen muusikkoel m kerta valottaa ansiokkaasti maailman menestyneimm n popyhtyeen keulahahmon ristiriitaista persoonaa John Lennon sis lt runsaasti aikalaistodistuksiin pohjaavaa tieto Jos haluat sankariksi seuraa vain minua John Lennon The Beatles yhtyeen tarina p piirteiss n on kenties jo kuin idinmaidossa imetty kansanperinnett , mutta Philip Normanin monipuolinen muusikkoel m kerta valottaa ansiokkaasti maailman menestyneimm n popyhtyeen keulahahmon ristiriitaista persoonaa John Lennon sis lt runsaasti aikalaistodistuksiin pohjaavaa tietoa Liverpoolin kasvatin varhaisista menetyksist ja kkik nteist , beatlemanian hulluista vuosista, oikeustaisteluista entisi yhtyetovereita vastaan, FBI n varjostamasta yksityisel m st 1970 luvun poliittista radikalismia vieroksuvissa Yhdysvalloissa sek viimeisist , koti isyyden hiljaisista onnenvuosista New Yorkin Dakota talossa Philip Norman on arvostettu rock el m kertojen kirjoittaja, jonka tunnetuimpia teoksia on The Beatles yhtyeen vaiheet perusteellisesti esittelev biografia Shout Beatlesien tarina 1984.

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      309 Philip Norman
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    One thought on “John Lennon

    1. Ana on said:

      I was born on the same day (October 9th) as John Lennon. Sadly, I am not musically talented. Oh, the injustice.

    2. Brian on said:

      "In September 2003, I suggested to John's widow, Yoko Ono, that I should become his biographer," writes Philip Norman in the Acknowledgements section of John Lennon: The Life. However, after reading the final manuscript, "Yoko Ono was upset by the book," Norman tells us, "and would not endorse it . . . [saying] I had been 'mean to John.'"I actually don't think Yoko's got anything to worry about; Norman's book is both clear-eyed and appropriately sympathetic as it traces the arc of Lennon's all-t [...]

    3. Jessica on said:

      What I learned:John Lennon's parents were terrible.He needed therapy.A lot of drugs were involved, but never, remarkably, during a recording session.John really was a genius.Yoko Ono is not an artist.Writhing around in a bag is not art.Screaming like you're in labor isn't music.I really feel bad for Julian.

    4. Richard on said:

      Don't panic. I'm not going to give you a long (boring) review. I'm not very good at that. But I will say I just finished reading all 822 pages of JOHN LENNON - THE LIFE. I think it's an excellent book. Well written and very detailed. With all my respect and love for Yoko Ono, who withdrew her support for the book because she felt it was "mean to John". I must say I don't find the book "mean to John" at all. Mr. Norman is quite kind in my opinion. The 'sex with his mum stuff that Mr. Norman tells [...]

    5. Annie on said:

      This long, in-depth biography was engrossing, although for me there were sometimes more details than I wanted. It began with John's grandparents, his entire family, the culture he grew up in. It explains the emotional traumas he carried all his life and how his attitudes developed. The culture and current events of the time throughout John's life are told as background and explanation.I enjoyed learning what the inspiration for certain songs were and what they represented. John was a very troubl [...]

    6. Troy Blackford on said:

      An incredibly thorough and well-researched look at the entire stretch of John Lennon's furiously artistic and much-too-short life. The man's frustrations, interests, facility with language, playfulness, and distressing mood swings are documented in the full, and the story will leave you feeling his loss even more keenly than before. The insights I gained here will stick with me for life. A truly balanced and remarkable work. For anybody with more than a passing interest in the man.

    7. Gary on said:

      Wonderfulad I finished it.I was engrossedhaving a love of the Beatles, and of John motivated me to finish this book. A bit longbut it goes into all the complexities of John's life,and the man certainly lived quite a lifeA lot to tell.I enjoyed it. If you are a fanis is a must read for you

    8. Jarrett Dobson on said:

      I am a massive admirer of the work of John Lennon. So I sought after a biography, with this one promptly displayed. The massive size(800+ pages) appealed to me. Little did I know what I was in forFirst of, the reason for the three stars. It IS immersive and very readable. I found the later chapters to almost redeem the earlier issues, and the handling of his assassination to be truly heart-breaking, especially the well thought of call back that closes the final chapter.That being said, this is s [...]

    9. Kristina on said:

      I've given up on this book. I'm 200 pages in and I'm still getting minute details of Lennon's life with his band that is almost the Beatles, but not quite. This book is really only for psycho crazed John Lennon fans who must know EVERYTHING about him. I'm only a casual fan and I don't want to know what books he read as a child and that he liked to circle jerk. Norman (and/or his assistant) researched the hell out of Lennon's life and I'm getting an almost day-by-day blow of his activities. I eve [...]

    10. Aaron Badgley on said:

      Oh not another hatchet job on John, yes folks, it is. I should Have Know Better. Nothing new to report in this book. Same stories we have heard and read before. I was hoping for more. I did not like this book for several reasons.

    11. Lorrie Kim on said:

      Almost two months after I read it, the brilliance of this biography stayed with me and I thought about something from its contents daily. Philip Norman, who first dazzled me in the early 1980s with his "Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation," has achieved a depth and greatness with this work that sets a benchmark for all biography, in my opinion.The first thing that transported me was, as always, the quality of the writing. Norman uses a wider vocabulary than most writers, and almost never fall [...]

    12. Lisa on said:

      Very interesting book. I thought I would have to stop reading it so I would have time to start & finish the book I'm supposed to be reading for book club, but I found myself going back to this one each time. It was very disturbing at times & I know celebrities are very different from who they (and the media) portray themselves to be to the public, but it was still disappointing to read some of the things he did or how some of his darker personality traits manifested themselves. To be fai [...]

    13. Drdavidhartman1 on said:

      Interesting history of John's parent and grandparents and a rather sordid account of the Beatles' yesr in Germany but in general, the book lacks much psychological underpinning to either John or his relatives. A potential bombshell; that Lennon may have killed artist Stuart Sutcliffe by kicking him in the head in an alcohol-fueled rage is left as an open question, leaving one to wonder whether there is a statute of limitations on homicide or manslaughter in England. Lennon's swings from meditati [...]

    14. Jacki on said:

      I love John Lennon, but this author relied heavily on hearsay. He even went as far as asking you to imagine how the days were spent at home, using conversation that I assume he did not hear. Papparazzi writing with a gossip twinge. I don't think I believed half of what I read. Some insight into the life of Lennon was refreshing, but this book is mainly a disheveled look that portrays Lennon as weak and Yoko as barbarous. Not impressed.

    15. Carol Storm on said:

      Definitive Lennon biography -- but would have liked more about the Hamburg scene, more about the early Beatles and the complexity of John's creative relationship with Paul McCartney.

    16. Paul Lyons on said:

      The life of John Lennon is indeed a complicated one, and certainly a challenge to any would-be biographer. Philip Norman's approach is simple, and straight forwardough I did find myself frustrated at times by his verbiaged use of run-on sentences. I can't say I loved the writing, per sed the book was no page-turner (which I am ashamed to admit, the Geoffrey Giuliano was)t you can't deny Philip Norman's intelligence, extensive research, and access to key players throughout John Lennon's life. Unl [...]

    17. Michael on said:

      Eight hundred plus pages of interesting reading. Much of this was the same as I had read before in the many books about the Beatles, individually and collectively. There was some new information about John's grandparents and other family and friends. There was some information that was contradictory to other things I've read or seen, particularly from the anthology. Overall, I quite liked the book. It was easy to read and often amusing by the way the author tied in song titles and themes into th [...]

    18. EdwardBartone on said:

      Probably need to stop reading these Biography's of John Lennon. Starting to seem kinda' redundant

    19. Michael P. Fertig on said:

      If you're a Beatle fan, you must read this book. If you're not a Beatle fan, you must read this book. If you have aspirations in music, art, politics, domestic homelife, or anything grandiose or banal, you must read this book. It's easily the most comprehensive story of Lennon's life, and if you're like am, you'll find yourself fighting back tears at certain points in the story. Knowing how the story ends made it difficult, at times, to carry on reading. Learning of how optimistic John was of th [...]

    20. Jenny on said:

      I've been an audiobooks listener for more than 20 years and this is by far the worst abridgement I've ever heard. First of all, there is no reason why any book should be recorded abridged. Still, I have listened to several that were (when there was no other choice) and there was always an attempt to make it cohesive. No such effort was made by Harper Audio on this one. Entire chapters were simply skipped. I first noticed when a casual referance was made about "ever since John's uncle George died [...]

    21. Claudia on said:

      THE BOOK about John Lennon.lly. If you love John as I do, it's wonderful after all of these years to own and read a book that tells us all, at last, who and what John Lennon was. This book is the most honest and thorough account I've seen yet. It describes John as a human being, with his many positive traits, and his faults. This book provides much detail into John's relationship (or lack there-of) with his parents as well. The only thing I found disturbing about this book was the input by Yoko [...]

    22. Stephanie on said:

      I enjoyed the information on the earlier part of John's life, but that took up more than half the book! On the other hand, the presentation of Yoko as some sort of savior to John was a bit hard to swallow. It made me wonder if she has pre-approval of the manuscript. I'm not one of the people who hate Yoko and blame her for breaking up the Beatles; I think they were all ready to move on to other things in their lives, but I've always thought her relationship with John was rather co-dependant.If y [...]

    23. Karl on said:

      Did manage at last to finish this. Learned some interesting things about Lennon's life, but I am not sure these counterweight what I learned about the author's fixation with Lennon's adolescent sexuality.

    24. Sarah beara on said:

      So far this is one of the best Beatles related book I've read. I'm a few chapters in and I they're still discussing his youth. Usually they just give the Readers Digest version we've all heard, but this sheds more light on John and how he came to be the man he was.

    25. Scott Holstad on said:

      Whew! I finally finished this 850 page beast of a book. There is so much there, it's so packed with information, that it's hard to recall everything one would want to include in a review. Philip Norman did an outstanding job of going through documents, media, and interviewing everyone under the sun who knew John Lennon. I admire the job he did and it obviously took him years to do it. I almost feel guilty for paying just a couple of bucks for a used copy. Norman deserves a lot of money for his e [...]

    26. Jenny on said:

      I hate to say this, but this book was disappointing on a number of levels: it compared poorly with Keith Richards' autobiography LIFE, which I read just previously, both in content and style; there were a number of mistakes in the text (on the copy-editing level); and it turns out that John was, simply put, kind of a jerk, especially when he was younger. However, it was perhaps unfair of me to read it right after LIFE; if I could jump back in time two weeks, I'd read them in the opposite order. [...]

    27. Craig Newman on said:

      I got this book for Christmas for a few years a go. It's a good thing, too. I would never buy it myself. As a huge Beatles fan, I was interested in the book. That's why I had asked for it. But there was something off about it, starting with the author (more on that in a moment). Firstly, there were a lot of narrative inconsistencies that as a writer myself, bugged me. Like date formats. The author could not seem to make up his mind which format to use. For example: October 9, 1940 October 9th, 1 [...]

    28. Scott on said:

      This might be the best of the Lennon bios available (though that might not be saying much) but I definitely have some problems with it. I think Norman tries to be balanced and he seems to take pains to stick to the facts, but he has a natural snarkiness to him and seems to enjoy sniping at his subect a bit too much – though to be fair, he doesn’t just subject Lennon to this, he does it pretty much with everybody. He’s also not the best equipped at viewing things in terms of the social situ [...]

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