Lumberjanes #17

Shannon Watters Noelle Stevenson Shannon Watters Brooke A. Allen BrookeAllen

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Lumberjanes #17

Lumberjanes With the Lumberjanes in danger Jen must find a way to escape Abigail s grasp and get to her troop in time Meanwhile Rosie and the Bear Woman must find the source of the Grootslang s wrath before it

  • Title: Lumberjanes #17
  • Author: Shannon Watters Noelle Stevenson Shannon Watters Brooke A. Allen BrookeAllen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With the Lumberjanes in danger, Jen must find a way to escape Abigail s grasp and get to her troop in time Meanwhile, Rosie and the Bear Woman must find the source of the Grootslang s wrath, before it s too late for everyone

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    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Lumberjanes #17 : by Shannon Watters Noelle Stevenson Shannon Watters Brooke A. Allen BrookeAllen ✓
      248 Shannon Watters Noelle Stevenson Shannon Watters Brooke A. Allen BrookeAllen
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Lumberjanes #17 : by Shannon Watters Noelle Stevenson Shannon Watters Brooke A. Allen BrookeAllen ✓
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    One thought on “Lumberjanes #17

    1. Carlos De Eguiluz on said:

      ¿Acaso soy yo, que sufro de alguna especie de delirio, o todas son lesbianas? Estoy confundido. De cualquier forma, yo sigo shippeando a Jen y a April.Un muy buen tomo, bastante interesante.

    2. Amanda Pearl on said:

      ALL OF THE STARS! ALL OF THE FEELS! Jo and Barney make me all wibbly wobbly. It gave me chills. Lumberjanes is doing HUGE things for the LGBT community, and it's doing it in a subtle and honest and so real way. It's not in your face, you get to know these girls as people first, and the sexuality after. I couldn't believe what I was reading, but I was so so happy to be reading it. I hope every little kid reads this, both kids struggling with identity as a way of learning they are not alone, and s [...]

    3. MerryMeerkat on said:

      4 Stars, Buy itSelf Purchase, ComixologyJo and Barney save the day despite Jo’s attitude toward him. Rosie tries to get Abigail to come back to the camp with her but Abigail turns her down. I definitely liked the issue but it wasn’t as fantastic as the last issue. It’s definitely fun and silly and worth buying.Description (Comixology): With the Lumberjanes in danger, Jen must find a way to escape Abigail's grasp and get to her troop in time! Meanwhile, Rosie and the Bear Woman must find th [...]

    4. Jaie on said:

      I continue to be so impressed with this series. My 6yo loves it. She reads them often. She knows the story better than I. I love that it's introduced her to such strong characters who really value friendship and teamwork.

    5. Eva Domínguez on said:

      \\(O_O)// qué está pasando aquí???Esta historia es adictiva, en serio.

    6. Satrina T on said:

      Nice closure for this arc. Each girl is special on their own but all together they're a great team.(view spoiler)[We didn't see Bear Lady again but I'm sure she's just fine (hide spoiler)]If I ever become a treasure hunter, I want Ripley with me."Groot is out there"

    7. Demelza on said:

      Issue #17 was a great Lumberjanes ending (for now) to the Grootslang story. The plot is getting deeper and is beginning to look at how the strange phenomenons are occurring, the rate of time passing, and what the Lumberjanes camp is really for. These are all massive mysteries that I guess the plot is going to look into soon! My favourite parts about this issue was confronting grudges, understanding jealousy and fitting in. I'd like a bit more exploration as to why Jo was going to be in the scout [...]

    8. Eli on said:

      Let me see; what's perfect about this issue?-Rosie-and-Abigail flashback, check-Jen's insane driving, check-Ripley being quintessentially Ripley, check-Rosie diving off a mountain after Abigail, check-A fearsome mythological creature who's not impressed by humans but can still be defeated without violence, check(view spoiler)[-TRANS!JO AND GENDERQUESTING!BARNEY CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK (hide spoiler)]My lumbercup runneth over.

    9. Erika on said:

      I just want Abigail to stop killing things and come back to camp and let's maybe see about things with Rosie. I just don't know if I should ship it when it was obviously a thing before but now maybe it's never gonna happen again? Would things go better with Jen? I just don't know what to OTP.

    10. Richael on said:

      4.5 starsI liked how this issue went in the opposite direction of what is predictable. It so clearly set it up to be that way, but then completely switched gears, allowing more storylines like this in the future.

    11. Ana Luisa on said:

      THIS. COMIC. SERIES. Oh my god. It has everything I never thought I needed so much in my life. I loved how the plot of this issue was resolved, and the character development we had in this. Also, the revelations about the characters' pasts made my heart smile, it was beautiful.

    12. Andreea on said:

      I am assuming volume three is formed by the issues #13-17 (also the description of 17 is wrong on ). It was interesting arc and I loved Jo and Barney! It was great!! Also getting details from Rosie's past and showing a different side of her was awesome too.

    13. Oscar on said:

      The more and more I find out about each character in this series, the more I love the series as a whole. The flashback at the beginning gave me many feelings, and the ending was so great on so many levels.

    14. Amanda on said:

      This is a great issue to read with your kids if you are wanting to discuss what makes someone transgender. By this point they're already in love with all of the characters and see them as friends, so it's pretty great timing by the writers!

    15. Vicki Leanne on said:

      • 4 stars •I loved that Jo and Barney could set aside their differences to help the other girls, even the crazy as hell Abigail. But the plot twist at the end, why must the Lumberjanes always do this to me?!

    16. Marta L on said:

      Ooooooow , los feels *_*JAJAJAJAJ RIPLEY, FAAAAN x'DD ¡ESTA CRÍA ES LA MEJOR!Me gusta la evolución de los personajes, son muy humanos. Y de nuevo, un mini misterio resuelto y otro más grande fraguándose.

    17. Audrey on said:

      Easily one of my favorite issues in the whole series. Great stuff going on here with Barney and Jo.

    18. Catalina Sennett on said:

      barney is officially one of the gang now. we're starting to get more answers about all the magical parts happening .

    19. Holly Grace on said:

      I'm so excited to see where this goes now, the plot just keeps getting thicker

    20. Solène on said:

      "There's something really strange going on here, Rosie, that's for sure." "I thought we already knew THAT. We DID help a centaur find her calf just last week."

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